Course Name

Professional dressmaking and tailoring course

In brief

Our most comprehensive course covering all aspects of tailoring and making clothes. 

Course summary

Our flagship and most in-depth training course will equip you with the skills and techniques to tackle almost any garment design and creation.

The course is broadly divided into three parts:

  • Measurements, Patterns & Styles

  • Tops, Blouses & Shirts

  • Dresses  

The first part of the course introduces students to the core tailoring skills of taking measurements, understanding body shapes, how to approach different styles and how to create patterns. During the second phase of the course, the students learn how to make tops, including blouses and shirts. The final part focuses on all aspects of dressmaking, from pattern through to final finishing.

What you will learn on the course

  • You would learn how to take full measurements of various styles and designs using yourselves or a partner in the classroom

  • You would learn how to identify difference in physiques, and how to work round them

  • How to prepare for cutting patterns of the measurements taken.

  • How to make the patterns, using your own measurements, pattern papers and freehand cutting.

  • We would start on our first project which is making a simple skirt

  • You will study different types of skirts, create sketches of your choice, or copy from magazines.  We discuss their differences, and then set out to make the skirts chosen by students

  • You will learn how to identify different types of fabrics and its application to designs 

  • How to translate designs into patterns using the measurements taken

  • Creating patterns freehand or with pattern-paper method

  • How to create tops, blouses and shirts

  • A range of finishing methods

  • Various method of stitching 

  • Gauging which stitching method is suitable for different fabrics and designs

  • Choose a dress pattern

  • Learn how to make the pattern yourselves, 

  • The method of laying patterns on the fabrics, before cutting.

  • How to cut patterns out of laded fabric.

  • Method of putting fabrics together for sewing

  • Different stages of sewing, and finishing of raw edges of fabrics

  • How to prepare and attach linings

  • How to attach different types of zips,

  • How to prepare waistband for waistline of skirts

  • Learn more about different methods of finishing the waistline of a skirt

  • How to prepare and finish the hemline of a skirt

  • Learn other methods of achieving this

Who should attend

  • Young fashion students wanting to develop a comprehensive set of skills to make a wide range of clothes

  • Beginners and intermediate level clothes-makers wanting to up-skill and gain practical experience

  • Students looking to enter the fashion business

  • Enthusiast clothes-makers looking to learn latest techniques

  • Those looking to go into business making clothes on a full-time or part-time basis

Course Name

Professional dressmaking and tailoring course



Course duration

30 hours, running over five consecutive Wednesdays

When does the course operate

The course operates on five consecutive Wednesdays, from 10am to 3pm. See our bookings section for upcoming course dates.

Course fee

The course costs £450 per person

Link to book online

'Professional dressmaking and tailoring course' course

General information

  • Students can choose to bring their own sewing machine or choose to use one of our own

  • Materials and threads will be provided but students can bring their own as required

  • Students must pre-book online

  • Payment plans can be arranged, please contact us to discuss

  • Fees are non-refundable although should students be unable to attend they should contact the school in advance and arrange to attend the course on a future date