Course Name

Clothing Alterations Class

In brief

A fun and practical one-day course where you learn how to make a range of clothing alterations. 

Course summary

This extremely popular and fun course is really for everyone. One time or another, we all need to adjust clothes, whether for ourselves, our children or friends. This course is for those who really wants to take care of their clothing themselves.

You learn practical skills which you can apply again and again, from altering new clothes to get the fit just right through to fixing older garments which need a little TLC. Learn how to be a hero when the bridesmaid's zip breaks at the wedding party and save yourself pounds when your best dress needs fixing.


However you use the skills you learn this course really helps you save money and time in looking for an alteration tailor, and in fact equips you with the skills to earn money from doing alterations yourself.

What you will learn on the course

  • How to adjust length of garments 

  • How to replace broken zips

  • How to adjust waist bands

  • How to increase or reduce waist line of dresses or skirts

  • How to shorten or increase sleeve length 

  • How to increase or decrease hips measurements.

  • And much more 

Who should attend

  • Young fashion students wanting to develop a comprehensive set of skills to make a wide range of clothes

  • Beginners and the general public looking to learn some basic alerations

  • Groups of friends

  • Those looking to go into business making clothes on a full-time or part-time basis

Course Name

Clothing Alterations Class



Course duration

3  hours

When does the course operate

Selected Fridays, 10am till 1pm.

Course fee

The course costs £70 per person

Link to book online

'Clothing Alterations Class' 

General information

  • Students can choose to bring their own sewing machine or choose to use one of our own

  • Materials and threads will be provided but students can bring their own as required

  • Students are encouraged to bring their alteration to the classroom for practice

  • Students must pre-book online

  • Fees are non-refundable although should students be unable to attend they should contact the school in advance and arrange to attend the course on a future date